Tivoli fix for "number of unavailable volumes too high" issue

tsm small I get this error once in a while on my TSM 5.5 server:

“The number of unavailable volumes is too high Condition (3 > 2) Recommendation: Issue: Q LIBVOL F=D at a TSM command prompt for details.”


q vol * acc=unava for the list of the unavailable volumes… if you want to update their access status to readw;
upd vol volumename acc=readw for each unavailable volume or
upd vol * whereacc=unava acc=readw for all

If those 2 volumes are to an offsite location or vault then:
upd vol xxxxx access=offsite

See ADSM.org for more info.

How IBM Tivoli Storage Manager works with Microsoft VSS

vsscomponentsThis is a great article from IBM on how TSM operates with Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS):


IBM Tivoli command reference

iscbanner-mosaicThis is a compiled list of command commands for administering Tivoli Storage Manager 5.5. First, have a look at this library at IBM:

Here are some commands that I use on a daily basis:


q vol st=full stg=vtapedata – lists full vols from the storagepool vtapedata

move data (volumename) – moves data from a low-utilized drive to another drive in the same storage pool to free up the space on that drive and convert to scratch

update (volumename) acc=readw – changes a drive that is “unavailable” to read/write status

q copy – shows each policy domain, mgt class and versions of data exist and retention.

q mgmt – shows your management classes

q drm – what’s going to the offsite vault

q event * * – shows the current state of all node backups (real-time process stats)

q mount – what tapes are mounted in drives

q san – shows your libraries and drives

q assoc – shows associations of nodes to schedules

q occ %nodename% – queries the stored backup data occupancy (size, date, etc)

Restarting the Tivoli AIX client

iscbanner-mosaicThere is an AIX box at work that I have a TSM client on, and I have had to make some changes to it. As I was not experienced in AIX, I had to find how to stop the Tivoli client process and then re-enable it for the changes to take effect. Here is how to do it:

To list the TSM processes, use:
ps -eaf|grep dsmc

To kill them, use:
kill -9 (process id)

Then, restart:
nohup dsmc schedule 2> /dev/null &

…This will start the dsm client access daemon for the web services, and start the scheduler so that it will continue to run, not unlike a service after the administrator logs off of the AIX system.

Useful TSM commands for storage management

iscbanner-mosaicI have been having the issue of my backup client logs reporting “insufficient storage space” when running daily backups. The VTL that Tivoli Storage Manager is using for its primary storage consists of an EMC DL4100 system with 26Tb storage – no way I could be out of space yet. I have found, with some suggestions from IBM is to use this first step to resolution: move data from some volumes that are registed as full but with very little utilization, to otehr volumes to free up space. For example, volume v00021 is registed full, but with only 9% utilization… Why Tivoli is doing this, I have no idea; but one can move the data on that volume to another volume within the same storage pool to free up that space, which converts v00021 to scratch status – enabling free space. This is what to do. For finding volumes with low utilization (say, 0-40%), use:

q vol st=full stg=(your storage pool name)

Then, to move data from those volumes, use:

move data (volumename)

This will move data from that volume to another within the same poll and free up the space. This will help, but make sure that expiration and reclaimation are running in order to utilize that space. To check if any scratch volumes are appearing, enter –

q libv

…Now to find the cause of the storage issue in the first place… -S.J.