Common Information Model

Within a heterogeneous storage system, it is difficult to administer all systems with most proprietary storage management system solutions, as the proprietary management systems can lack critical elements of the Common Information Model. The CIM is a common standard among storage vendors that can enable heterogeneous operation within storage environments. The CIM, a standard defined by the SNIA, is an open standard of storage management. Also known as Bluefin, CIM is an “alternative to proprietary SAN management of multivendor storage networks from a single console” (Clark, 2003) and eliminates dependence on proprietary vendor API’s. This enables more flexibility and efficiency within storage systems administration for the client. Most common is the web-based administration within a CIM-enabled management environment which simplifies management from a single console.

Clark, T. (2003). Using the SNIA Shared Storage Model. Designing Storage Area Networks. Chapter 10. Addison Wesley.