iSCSI vrs Fiber Channel

From SearchSMBStorage: Data storage management is a multifaceted process that is always changing. In this tutorial on SMB storage management, learn about iSCSI versus Fibre Channel storage area networks (SANs), managing your data backups, and the biggest SAN storage management trends for the year ahead. Read this article at SearchSMBStorage:,295582,sid188_gci1346117,00.html#

DWDM: Dense Wave Divisional Multiplexing

fiberopticDense wave divisional multiplexing is used to split one fiber into numerous channels (lambdas), or networks. This enhances value and utilization of dark fiber by producing multiple channels on this fiber. Within Fiber Channel communications, weather WAN or MAN, DWDM can provide some benefits such as increased performance and capacity, enable the support of numerous interfaces, improve the ROI, usage of a protocol-independent physical interface, and enable the client administrative organization that leases the fiber more control and security (Massiglia & Marcus, 2002). DWDM increases the amount of available channels through this virtual provisioning of channels produced from one dark fiber, giving the client sixteen to 64 ports (Massiglia & Marcus, 2002). Another advantage of DWDM in fiber channel is that DWDM can be configured to operate in a ring, point to point, or multi-drop topology and operate at least 2Gbs up to 10Gbs.

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