EMC HSM application

emcHere is a review of EMC’s DiskXtender system. We are currently using it within one of our cardiology systems to archive data.

EMC DiskXtender is an archiving HSM application that “transparently migrates inactive or infrequently accessed files to archive storage devices, without changing the user’s view or access” (EMC, 2009). Used primarily for Microsoft Exchange, this application reduces administrative hours on management of often large stores of email by monitoring data stores and transferring older data to long term storage. Typical users using a shared file system will see the regular share; however DiskXtender has transparently expanded this storage and transferred older data to another long-storage archive media – “without affecting the file listing as seen by the end user” (EMC DiskXtender, 2008). Transparently, the archived data is kept on a disk-based storage system and can be recalled instantly on demand. DiskXtender reduces the amount of stored data on a SAN or NAS resulting in reduced load on backup systems, application and database servers.

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Creating and Connecting to an iSCSI LUN on an EMC Celerra

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