Data storage as a service

This has been around for years, but has not been popular in the past because of the apprehension of storing data outside of one’s domain.
Security questions abound (understandably) with this service, but presently security measures are being improved constantly. A few years back, I had a small business on the side in which I offered remote backup to college students and small business. I got few customers as most were apprehensive about putting their data in someone else’s hands. In the last grad class we talked a little about this and came to the conclusion that the public is becoming more comfortable with online storage, as we are now stashing our photographs and other personal (but non-confidential) data online at sites such as Flicker. Business has been doing the same with thier data for years. I see data storage as a service as an area of growth among big business, as data storage is exploding within the organization, and “quality of service levels… are needed for secure data access” (Barker & Massiglia, 2002). This has already created a new administrative position: the data administrator – usually another name for the SAN admin.

Barker, R., Massiglia, P. (2002). Data storage as a service. Storage Area Network Essentials. John Wiley & Sons.